Our Story

We love to help other businesses succeed.  One of our greatest joys is taking a client from a completely messy situation to a productive, prosperous one.  Showing the client who really doesn't enjoy numbers that they are able to achieve their goals makes it worthwhile.


Personal Story:  Hi.  I'm Michelle Webb, President of Nature Coast Professionals, Inc.  While I've always been good with numbers, my true accounting career began in 1999.

Over the years, I've worked in the public and private accounting fields, handling anything from simple bank recs to budgeting, forecasting, tax returns and comptroller services.  In each position that I held over the years, I would go in, establish procedures that would help the business, clean up records that needed help, train staff on how to handle the finances and then....things would settle down.  It presented a problem.

See, I love helping people.  I love making a big difference in someone's life.  As an employee, once I got all records where they should be, life became normal.  My services weren't any less valuable.  I just didn't see as much of an impact at that point.

So, Nature Coast Professionals was born.  It was the perfect answer.  I'm able to help new clients straighten out any issues that they have while keeping current clients up to date.  Everyone is happy.

I can't wait to see how I can help your business get to the next level!